On Track – Junior Athletes

“ON TRACK” – A Coaching Tool


Our On-Track program is targeted at the younger athletes among – two age groups U/6 and U/7. To participate in On-Track our athletes need to be at least 5 years old.It is a well-researched fact that children learn through play, and that is what On-Track is all about.
We provide fun activities that the children and parents can participate in, these establish the basic skills needed for Little Athletics.
At the beginning of the season the program starts with basic gross motor skills, then progresses through the season to more complex athletic skills.
The program we offer is 30 minutes. By using an extensive range of fun activities and games, we teach the children (and their parents) the correct techniques of Little Athletics events.

It is vital that when your child participates in On-Track that you, the parent or carer participate as well.
Children are unable to take part in On-Track unless they have their parent or carer stay with them (unless that parent/carer is on the roster to help elsewhere at the time).

On-Track is a valuable resource, allowing your children to learn the fundamentals while they play with the new friends they will make.

Parents please remember:

– Having fun is the most important aspect of the children’s participation
– Encourage children, don’t push them
– Be proud when they try their best, regardless of the result
– Encourage them to learn new skills
– Focus on “having a go” and not just on winning or beating other children
– Smile, laugh and have fun yourself